Past Sermons




(based on “Still I Rise”, a poem by Maya Angelou)

  • Father Dennis Tamburello, O.F.M.

    “Rising to New Life in Prison” Download

  • Rev. Will Critzman

    “Feeding a Revolution” Download

  • Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

    “Descent for the Sake of Ascent” Download

  • Rev. Dr. Amaury Tanon-Santos

    “Just Keep On Singing” Download

  • Rev. Alexandra Lusak

    “For Such a Time As This” Download

  • Rev. Richard Spalding

    “Finding a Voice” Download

  • Rev. Miriam Lawrence Leupold

    “Shiprah and Puah” Download

  • Elder Barbara Wheeler

    “After the Fall” Download

  • Rev. Kate Forer

    “The God Who Sees” Download


Theme: Finding A Way Forward: Is There A Path To Healing?

  • Rev Dr. Shaun Whitehead

    “When Healing Seems Impossible And Transformation Is At Hand” View Video

  • Joanna Bull, MA, MFCT

    “A Buddhist Healing: Destination and Path As One” Download

  • Rev. Dr. Jon Walton

    “Maybe The Point Is Not To Be Healed” July 16, 2017 Download

  • Rev. Alexandra Lusak

    “Faithful Nonconformity” July 30, 2017 Download

  • Rabbi Rena Kieval

    “Healing of Body, Healing of Spirit: Finding Wholeness in Challenging Times” August 6, 2017 Download

  • Rev Samuel Trumbore

    “Why Did You Doubt?” August 13, 2017 Download

  • Rev Dr. Glenn Leupold

    “Resistance as a Spiritual Practice” August 20, 2017 Download

  • Rev. Dr. James Calvin Davis

    “Fools for God” August 27, 2017 Download

  • Barbara Wheeler

    “The Way, The Truth, and The Life” September 3, 2017 Download


Theme: An Eye For An Eye Leaves Everyone Blind

  • Rev. Shannan Vance-Ocampo

    “Spirit of Peace” June 26, 2016 Download

  • Rev. Dr. Jan Carlsson-Bull

    “Praying at Ground Zero” July 17, 2016 Download

  • Rev. Dr. Jon Walton

    “Three Blind Dogs” July 24, 2016 Download

  • Rev. Dr. James Calvin Davis

    “Friendship As Social Witness” July 31, 2016 Download

  • Barbara Wheeler

    “Evil For Evil: A Nineteenth Century Presbyterian Worship Service” August 7, 2016 Historical Note, Service, Sermon Download

  • Rev. Eric Jackson

    “Open My Eyes That I May See” August 14, 2016 Download

  • Rev. Dr. Richard Spalding

    “How Many Times Must I Forgive?” August 21, 2016 Download

  • Rev. Alexandra Lusak

    “Vision Quest” August 28, 2016 Download

  • Rev. Donna Schaper

    “Collectors: Collecting Beauty Instead of Injuries” September 4, 2016 Download


Theme: What We Need Is Here

  • Rev. Alexandra Lusak

    “Sacred Sufficiency” June 22, 2014 Download

  • Rev. Dr. Richard Spalding

    “Your Faith Has Made You Well” June 29, 2014 Download

  • Rev. Shaun Whitehead

    “CPR Training in the Valley of Dry Bones” July 6, 2014 Download

  • Rev. James Reisner

    “Gideon’s Army” August 10, 2014 Download


Theme: Can Organized Religion Adapt to Change?

  • Rev. Alexandra Lusak

    “Can These Bones Live?” June 23, 2013 Download

  • Rev. Dr. Eric Shaw

    “A God Who Does New Things” July 14, 2013 Download

  • Rev. Dr. Jon Walton

    “The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever” July 21, 2013 Download

  • Rev. Dr. Norman J. Kansfield

    “Sometimes Change Must Be Worn” July 28, 2013 Download

  • Rev. Dr. Richard Spalding

    “Come and See” August 11, 2013 Download

  • Rev. Shaun Whitehead

    “Will We Cross to the Other Side of the Road?” August 18, 2013 Download

  • Rev. Donna Schaper

    “None of the Above: The Spiritual But not Religious People and Why I honor them, sort of” Download