11:00 AM

Rev. Karen Pollan, Pastor
Delmar Presbyterian Church

SERMON: "Hopeful Imitation"

I like to wander and wonder. My father served in the military so I started my wanderings early. By the time I graduated from high school I had attended 12 different schools in three states and one foreign country. These early travels gifted me with the deep awareness that although scenery, dialect, and culture exhibit incredible diversity, on Sunday morning when the Bible is opened it is same story whether you are in Japan or New York. And we sang praises to the same Lord whether we froze (Alaska) or perspired (South Texas) in the pews. I still like to wander every chance I get although like most people I have not wandered far from home this past year. I am also a wonderer – at beauty in nature, the pleasure of ideas, and the mystery of God. My undergraduate degree is in biology; my plan was to do graduate work in biology and spend my days exploring ecosystems. But somewhere along the way in my wanderings and wonderings I felt called to seminary and serving the church. So I wandered to seminary and began the endless delight of wondering about God. I was ordained in 1996 and have served churches in East Texas, Oregon and now in New York. I live in Albany with my grown daughter, her dog, Ecco, her two guinea pigs, Cayde and Church, and her 3 snakes, Tali, Medli, and Elia.

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220th Anniversary Celebration Service

A service of remembrance and celebration in observance of the 220th anniversary of the first service of worship in our first church building on September 11, 1796 was held on September 11, 2016.

Moderator Rev. Alexandra Lusak officiated. Rev. James Miller brought greetings from former moderator Rev. Robert Lamar and spoke about his own term as moderator. Members of the Session read remembrances from former moderators Rev. Donna Elia and Rev. Joseph Shook, passages from scripture and excerpts from the church history authored by Barbara Dudley and Nancy Chase. The Village Voices sang, led by church Music Director Jan Bishop.
Four new members were received into the church during the service. A gala reception followed in Conkling Hall.

Anniversary Service Program

Montage of Anniverary Service Photos by John Eldridge: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I-yTQSgMxW74vH1hENSS4_2xHXVDh2Ty/view


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